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  1. Alice 9 maanden geleden

    Thank you.
    You’ve offered a very provocative theory.
    What it lacks in substance it makes up for in pretty colors.

  2. Auteur
    admin 9 maanden geleden

    Which part is provocative? And yes, most underlying substance is from the east and in the west considered quackery.

  3. Auteur
    admin 9 maanden geleden

    Het filmpje is in het Nederlands
    Vanwaar de Engelstalige reactie?

  4. Auteur
    admin 9 maanden geleden

    Some things that were provocative to people in the past, and still unsubstantiated (only blind people see a lack of substance behing this way of thinking)
    some of those things are ‘normal’ now. Like online sharing by anyone, for all to be able to read, at any time post publication, was unimaginable at some t[point in time…. like we can not, of have a hard time imagining all humans being able to access the capability of telepathy.

  5. Morpheus 8 maanden geleden

    You are the One, Neo.

  6. Free Japan Shemale 5 maanden geleden

    Свободная Украина!

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